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Q - How many bags of garbage are allowed weekly?

A - Each household is allowed 2 bags of garbage per week and 3 bags of yard waste, unless garbage bag stickers are purchased and placed on the additional bag(s).  An unlimited amount of recyclable waste is allowed.

Q - Where do I purchase extra garbage bag stickers?

A - Extra garbage bag stickers can be purchased for $2.00/sticker at the Town Office, Stonewall Market Place, Stonewall Family Foods. 

Q - What is the cost of a tax certificate?

A - A tax certificate is $40.00. 

Q - What is the population of the Town of Stonewall?

A - As per the last census in 2021, the population of Stonewall is 5,046.

Q - What is the name and number for the Animal Control Officer?

A - Please contact the Town Office at 204-467-7979 with any animal control issues or questions.

Q - What are the office hours for the Town of Stonewall?

A - The Town of Stonewall Office is open from 8:30am to 4:30pm from Monday to Friday.

Q - How/who do I contact for renting the Quarry Park Heritage Arts Centre at Stonewall Quarry Park?

A - Contact the Quarry Park Heritage Arts Centre Reception desk @ 204-467-7980.

Q - Can I have a fire pit in my yard?

A - Recreational burning is permitted within the Town of Stonewall but no person should dispose of waste by means of open burning in the Town of Stonewall.  Please refer to By-Law 06-18.

Q - Who do I contact to rent ice at the Veteran's Memorial Sports Complex?

A - Contact Parks & Arena Supervisor Brett Chatfield at 204-513-1324.

Q - How do I find out the age of my house?

A - Contact the Assessment branch, the Selkirk location is 204-785-5092.  Some information is also available on the Provincial Property Assessment Online website.

Q - Does the Town accept Interac and Credit Card?

A - The Town does accept Interac, cash, cheque and online banking but does not accept credit card.

Q - What is the telephone number for the Works & Ops shop?

A - The number for the Works & Ops shop is 204-467-7990.

Q - How do I find information about the Rockwood Transfer Station?

A -Contact the RM of Rockwood @ 204-467-2272.  The Winfield Road Waste Transfer Station hours can be found on the RM of Rockwood website here:

Q - How do I report a street light that is not working?

A - A street light that is not working can be reported on MB Hydro's website,
or by calling MB Hydro @ 1-888-MBHYDRO.

Q - What day will my garbage be picked up?

A - All residents EAST of 5th St W will be collected on Tuesdays, residents WEST of 5th St W will be collected on Wednesdays.

Q - I'm thinking about paving/modifying/reconstructing my driveway or creating a new one. What do I need to know?

A - Please consult the Town's Driveway Bylaw.

Q - I would like to construct a(n) __________. Do I need a permit? 

A - Please contact the South Interlake Planning District at 204-467-5587 or visit